Used Book Sale- Read Aloud West Virginia of Monongalia County

Used Book Sale • Read Aloud West Virginia of Monongalia County

April 5th: 6 - 9pm

April 6th: 10am - 9pm

April 7th: 10am - 9pm

April 8th: 12pm - 6pm

April 13th: 10am - 9pm

April 14th: 10am - 9pm

April 15th: 12pm - 6pm

Hardback books could be obtained with a cover for a great price, while those lacking a cover will be even cheaper! Small and older paperback books were available, as well as larger and newer paperback works.

Last year the sale generated $14,000-$17,000. Proceeds from the sale help Read Aloud sponsor reading programs at the Bartlett House, school book clubs and literary exercise kits for students.